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I can get behind a family run spot that encourages you to break things, throw weapons, with a little mystery behind the closed door.

- Mike D.

The Escape Room is quite clever.
We really enjoyed it!

- Jayson H.

Great space, great staff. Would definitely go back (and bring some more stuff to break!)

- TJ W.

SO THERAPEUTIC AND LIBERATING!!! Strongly recommend to everyone who doesn’t want holes in their walls at home!

- Summer B.

CRUSHED IT.... Literally!!! This place is where you should go when you've just crushed it (celebrate 🎉) and/or you need to crush it (relieve stress 🤬).

- James D.

Awesome place to get that pent up anger out and i got a bit of practice with my swings.

- Mirjaleed B.

It was great to break some things and release some stress, much needed. Will be back again with things of my own to contribute to the breaking point!

- Ivan K.

Wow. I put off visiting this place for way too long.

I burned a years worth of rage in 30 mins, and trust me, you should too

- Antony R.
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