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With four rooms to choose from, we have something for everyone.

Make sure to visit our FAQ's and our Rules & Regulations before scheduling.

the rage room

let's break some stuff

Come in, suit up, grab a bat, and launch a glass breakable into the floor to see an orchestra of glass bounce across the whole room. Direct your own symphony of madness. The original standard rage room, regularly lit with LED lights, custom bluetooth speaker, and tons of glass items to break, as well as available add ons for those wanting that much more. Toss a printer, rip apart a washer, or just play some good ol' bottle baseball. You can't go wrong in the Rage Room!!

Starting at $25 per person

A birthday group at The Breaking Point Austin in the Rage Room.
A clean and ready Axe Room for throwing weapons at The Breaking Point Austin.

axe room

THrow some axes

Breaking stuff is great but you know what else is great? Grabbing a competition throwing knife, smiling at your friend, and throwing it perfectly into a target down our range. We have ninja stars, throwing knives, throwing cards, and of course tomahawks. So rage on, then try your hand with our hour-long axe room experience. Oh, and we NEVER make our customers share lanes. Whether there are two of you, or you're in a group of 10, you're never going to share it with anyone outside your group. Your experience matters to us, and this way you don't ever have to worry about making some pesky minimum. Trust us, you're going to want to try it when you see it!

Starting at $25 per person

escape room

escape the funhouse

After entering into this house of laughs, you’ve found yourself on the other side of a door you never should have opened! Upon entering Chuckles the clown’s dressing room, you notice the door behind you is locked shut and the only way out is forward through the FUNHOUSE. Escape the FUNHOUSE before Chuckles returns and adds you to his long list of victims!

Starting at $30 per person

A happy group in the Spatter Room after they've painted and thrown paint at The Breaking Point Austin.

splatter room

add color to your life

In our splatter room, you get your own paint canvas and several colors of paint to splatter at your canvas, at the wall, or each other! Go color crazy! This room is fun for the ENTIRE family! Sometimes getting a little messy is a good thing! Our Splatter Room accommodates up to 10 people. So bring your family...bring your friends...and get color happy! 

Starting at $30 per person

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12233 FM 620 N, Suite 109

Austin, TX, 78750




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