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Rules & Regulations

-SAFETY FIRST!!! You must act responsibly while participating in our rooms! 

-Closed-toed shoes are REQUIRED! Absolutely no sandals, Crocs, or soft-soled shoes!

-All safety gear must be worn at all times while in the rage room!
-Everyone entering the rooms must sign a Liability Waiver

-Anyone Under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign our Parental Consent Form 
(Liability Waivers must be filled out in-house)

-Must Act SAFELY and APPROPRIATELY while in our rooms!

-The walls are strong but you are stronger. Do not hit the walls!

-Look around you before swinging or throwing a weapon!
-Do Not hit or throw anything toward the ceilings or plexiglass windows!

-Must arrive a minimum of 10-15 minutes before your reserved slot so you can ready up! Late groups or no-shows will not be refunded!
-Must have a GREAT time!

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